About Our Food

We believe our menu is pretty unique. Our sauces are made with fresh ingredients. All proteins are cooked to order, so… that’s not going to be quick. Remember… Fast is not good and good isn’t fast! (Just ask Dr. Ruth). If we are slammed, lunches could be up to 30 minutes for food, dinners 35 to 40 minutes.

Of course, Mom always said under-promise and over-deliver, so it could be a hell of a lot quicker. Ask the server “How’s’ the kitchen runnin?”…. Separate checks take time… 1 minute per person/ per check is what you should plan for, so 10 people = 10 minutes… if you are on lunch, get your check early.

But…. we digress…. Back to the food.

Our stuff is original, the flavors’ unique. So please order wisely. Ask your server any questions before ordering. There are too many hungry children to be throwing food out. All our food is made to order, fresh… there are veggie only options / meat options / big portions / tiny portions / light food / heavy food / 1 foot, 2 foot, red foot, blue foot… LOL. What we are saying is please order from our menu.

Thank you again for visiting, we hope you enjoy everything!